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An Artistic EPDM Roof

November 29, 2016 14:22
A roof in Grand Rapids, Michigan takes the artistic possibilities of EPDM to a whole new level.

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Webinar: Longevity and Durability of EPDM

November 16, 2015 10:30
Long Term Service Life is the ESSENCE of sustainability. Join the Construction Specifications Institute for this informative webinar to consider the question: How long could a roof last? Thomas W. Hutchinson, AIA, FRCI, RRC is a commercial architect with the Hutchinson Design Group, Ltd. In this webinar, he will review existing, insitu EPDM roofs that are still performing after 30 years with physical characteristics nearly that of new membrane. The overriding goal of the webinar is to provide information to the attendee that they can use to improve their roof system designs and service life expectations.

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The Benefits of a Fully Adhered EPDM System

July 31, 2015 19:56
EPDM can be installed many ways including fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted. A fully adhered system, in its simplest form, means that the roof is being glued to the surface beneath it. The roofing membrane in a fully adhered system is usually held in place by employing the use of adhesives, hot asphalt or low rise foam. There are many benefits to a fully adhered system.

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