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From the Chair: Stick with Quality

September 24, 2015 21:45
A message from the chair of ERA, Jennifer Ford-Smith: One of our goals in the coming months will be to intensify our efforts to make sure you know the value of what you are getting when you invest in a fully adhered system. Watch this space, and the rest of our information-packed website, for an update on these systems – research results, infographics and expert advice on how to choose a fully adhered system.

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The Benefits of a Fully Adhered EPDM System

July 31, 2015 19:56
EPDM can be installed many ways including fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted. A fully adhered system, in its simplest form, means that the roof is being glued to the surface beneath it. The roofing membrane in a fully adhered system is usually held in place by employing the use of adhesives, hot asphalt or low rise foam. There are many benefits to a fully adhered system.

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Protection from Summer Storms: The Science Behind the Durability of EPDM

June 30, 2015 16:08
In light of the increasing frequency of severe hailstorms, the ability of a roof to withstand these storms has become a significant factor in roof system selection.

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