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A Polarizing Perspective? Cool Roofs in Northern Climates

February 17, 2017 21:40
White roof or black roof? This simple question has perplexed and even polarized segments of the construction community for much of the last decade. The new ERA White Paper, entitled “Cool Roofs in Northern Climates: Energy Efficiency and Moisture Performance Implications” answers this question.

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Tried and True Approach to Cool Roofs in Cold Climates

November 18, 2016 22:33
In the rush to embrace environmental correctness and lower skyrocketing energy costs, a tried-and-true approach to reflective roofing has been overlooked. Simply put, ballasted roofing will save more energy over time than a reflective roof that becomes discolored from air pollutants.

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Calgary Says No to Cool Roofs

May 18, 2015 15:25
More evidence from a new study at the University of Calgary that a "one size fits all" approach just doesn't work with roofing.

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Cool Roofing in Northern Climates: It’s Not a Black and White Decision

April 14, 2015 20:06
The logic seems so black and white: white roofs are cool and black roofs are warm, therefore a white roof is better in a hot climate and a black roof is better in a cold climate. However, the logic begins to break down as one considers the application of cool roofs in the less obvious conditions of northern climates where the right answer becomes increasingly “gray.”

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