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ERA Goes to the International Roofing Expo!

ERA Goes to the International Roofing Expo!

March 09, 2016 18:45

For me, and the other members of the ERA staff, IRE is one of the highlights of the year: a great place to greet our members, visit their booths, learn about new product launches, and observe product demonstrations. (Not to mention the magician at the Firestone booth, who is always a big hit and fools us every time!) It’s also a great opportunity to talk to contractors, members of the staffs at our allied associations, roofing contractors, and building scientists and architects. IRE is always time well spent for us, giving us a total immersion update on what’s happening in the roofing industry.

My major takeaway this year: the issue of air barriers and vapor retarders is becoming increasingly central and problematic for the contracting community. It was the focus of a well-attended workshop at IRE, and the subject of a great deal discussion on the exhibition floor. Which means that ERA will continue to double-down on this topic. I’m off to ASHRAE later this month to participate once again in the session focused on revising the air tightness sections of Standard 90.1. This issue is not going away. ERA is committed to ensuring that your voice is heard as the new standard is developed.

Ellen Thorp 

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