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Webinar: Longevity and Durability of EPDM

Webinar: Longevity and Durability of EPDM

November 16, 2015 10:30

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Long Term Service Life is the ESSENCE of sustainability. Join the Construction Specifications Institute for this informative webinar to consider the question: How long could a roof last? Thomas W. Hutchinson, AIA, FRCI, RRC is a commercial architect with the Hutchinson Design Group, Ltd. In this webinar, he will review existing, insitu EPDM roofs that are still performing after 30 years with physical characteristics nearly that of new membrane. Service life of this length begs the question as to how long could EPDM roofs actually perform? In order for roof covers to have extended service lives, they must be able to withstand mother nature’s forces of evil: Heat, ultraviolet radiation, freeze –thaw, and hail.

Part one of the webinar will review testing for physical characteristics on EPDM that had 30 years of exposure in the field and that were heat aged to an equivalency of 30 years, for an equivalent 60 year old membrane; which revealed surprising results. Part two of the webinar delves into the testing of EPDM membrane both from the field, new and heat aged with varying sizes of ice balls to determine performance of the EPDM on variety of substrates.

Learning objectives include:
• Identify the performance characteristics of EPDM roof membrane
• Determine various installation options in regard to optimizing performance and protection against hail damage.
• Determine how long you can expect EPDM roof membranes to maintain performance against extreme weather conditions
• Use the knowledge of the test results to improve your roof system designs and better understand the lifecycle assessment of a roof system using EPDM

The overriding goal of the webinar is to provide information to the attendee that they can use to improve their roof system designs and service life expectations. Register for this great CSI webinar today!

Ellen Thorp

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